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With the Core Contingency expansion, Cavedog released version 1.0 of their editor, the TA Map and Mission Editor. Its not too bad, but its nowhere near as flash as StarCraft's StarEdit, and accounts for all the squarish looking maps out there. There's a better home grown map editor called Annihilator, anyway. To make any custom maps of your own, you will need to download the various tilesets that go with each map type. There's a lot and they're sizeable files (dozens of 6 to 10Mb files, typically). In the TA:CC expansion provides you with a few very basic ones: Green, Mars, Moon, Metal, Lava and Archipelago. To access the other tilesets that appeared with CC, you'll need to download them from either Cavedog's site, or from several others: TAMEC's Tileset and Features pages, Planet Annihilation's Tileset page, or TA Designers (look under their Map Creation section).

Cavedog Tilesets

Your basic, default map type. Bright green grass and bright green trees, with bright blue water. Some sections of river are shallow enough to be crossed by both ground units and small naval vessels.Rocks and lumps. Looks hideous.


Every square inch is mineable metal with wine dark seas; ideal for fast deathmatching and large scale warfare. This tileset is very basic and blocky, and many fans have added "extras" to it to pep it up a bit. The original is rather horrid on the eyes though, and many unit colours just disappear into it.

Martian themed Green variant. Purple water. Wide, flat and spacious, with strange starfish shaped vegetation.

Lusch Lusch
Prettier Green variant with more uneven terrain, more water and near impassable hills. Its quite swampy in fact, and tricky for most surface units to negotiate.

Treeless environment with little or no wind. Watch out for those meteor showers!


Ruined city blocks with lots of reclaimable metal ruins for a fast start. Usually, most of the metal spots are found in the Green parks.


Nicely eroded geological look with giant river stones. Ugly blue water, though.


Broken, cracked surface in a nice shade of purple and deep blue oceans. This actually has a quite surreal feel to it. Different.

Grim landscape with corrosive lakes that progressively damage units trying to cross, except hovercraft. Strange, nodding gasbag forests.


Monochromatic poo coloured rock and impassable lava. (Hm. Shouldn't Lava be like Acid, only much worse?)

Fancy a little island hopping? Water and Islands, with nice white beaches and palm trees. Usually fantastic for hovers.


Essentially a Lava variant with impassable white mists. Mind those earthquakes!

A world completely without land, but with strong currents and marine metal sites. And rather nice coral reefs!


Ground unit movement can be affected by these icy surfaces. Watch out for hailstorms!

Custom Tilesets
Not satisfied with just the regular worlds, the TA community have been producing their own for some time. They combine different Cavedog tilesets to produce blended maps and extra features, not to mention build their own map graphics from scratch. Here's just a few examples of what they've been getting up to...

A new look: stone cliffs and valleys that are invariably mixed with the famous Evergreen tileset, by prolific TA map maker C_A_P of Merciless Creations.

Very Silly

Its possible to build a map from a picture, or to incorporate pictures into a map, so there's a few completely wacky battlefields out there. Most mappers seem to prefer the tilesets though. Custom maps tend to be big files, since the entire bit map and 3D mesh underneath it aren't optimised by using preset tiles.

A very popular, superior version of Green, by C_A_P. Its just gorgeous really, and many mappers have begun combining it with the original Cavedog tiles, and other custom tiles such as Adamante and Atlantis.

Military Base Military Base
Made out of buildings rather than wilderness, this set looks reminiscent of 80's computer games... ahh. Oddly enough, ground units can walk on Military Base water, but you can't build or put ships on it.

Lush World
Remake of the Lusch tileset, with additional features.


An amazing undersea tileset created by notable mapper Datanut. Forget dull, featureless stretches of water: at last you have interesting undersea terrain. Apparently a new version has been released - all 2Gb of it!

Recently, star TA mappers began converting many of the gorgeous tilesets from Cavedog's TA:Kingdoms ill fated release. Some five distinctly themed tilesets will be produced from the five races from TA:K: You can find these four finished tilesets: Aramon, Creon, Veruna and Zhon at TA-Power's Tileset page.

Mixed tilesets
Combinations of different tilesets form some of the most striking and best TA maps out there. Many tilesetters do nothing but build map tiles that allow one type of tileset to blend with another, connecting both Cavedog and customs to each other. The possibilities are endless!

Desert Valley
By C_A_P (again!) this is a strange desert tileset with yellow plains and purple water. And jolly rogers! Weird.

Terragen Map

Terragen Maps
Another custom map variation, this time using the Terragen (Terrain Generator) 3D package. These maps are fractal generated topography ported to TA format, escaping the usual billard table with lumps approach of regular tilesets.

With the Final Frontier mod, the space map was born, derived from astronomical sources. Space maps are set out in space, with metal outcrops (spacestations) and mineable asteroids. Space is only traversable by aerial units.

Terragen Map

Bryce Maps
The other way to produce a truly three dimensional map is to model one in a 3D package. Bryce3D seems to be the software of choice amongst TA mappers, producing everything from actual countries with correct topological data to whipping up completely surreal vistas.

...and there's a LOT more out there. This just scratches the surface of the number of maps that are built from scanned images, adapted tilesets, and completely new and mixed custom designs. The output of the TA community is pretty amazing!

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