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Defunct Mods
These mods and modding sites have either died, been cancelled, or simply disappeared off the Web. Some are quick mods that popped up like mushrooms when Homeworld 2 first appeared, flourished briefly before the first patch and then went very, very quiet afterwards. Its not unusual for mods to go this way: they are difficult for a complex, graphically involved game like this, and what tends to happen is that a small, devoted cadre of hard core modders start producing some amazing pieces of work long after the casual modders have moved on.
Armada Mod For all the Destroyer fans out there, this mod adds a couple of new Hiigaran Destroyers to the game, with the Vaygr versions coming soon. These are essentially the same destroyer models but tricked out with different weapon systems. Current version: 1.0. Site lost! But there's a downloadable here.Back
Battlefleet Gothic This was a Warhammer 40,000 total conversion changing the Homeworld 2 fleets into the baroque Battlefleet Gothic series. It migrated across from Homeworld, but its showing serious signs of neglect.Back
BTSW modDB weblink BattleTech Space Wars 2: Shattered Sphere: This mod was to be based in the BattleTech universe. BTSW2 continues on from where the original Homeworld BTSW mod (which never materialised) left off. It's ultimate ambition was to replace multiplayer and the single player campaign. Mod was closed down.Back
Divergence Mini-Mod A multiplayer retune basically, further exaggerating the differences between Hiigaran and Vaygr sides, as well as unlocking the Progenitors from the single player campaign. There's a list of gameplay alterations that's as long as your arm. Current version: 0.2, although its unavailable until the next release. Not much action. Seems to have died away and vanished.Back
The Genesis mod is ostensibly a Progenitor mod (there's a few!), adding the third race to the Vaygr and Hiigaran fleets to pick from. The number of Progenitor ships, is very small. Actually, its the exact same line up of units and stats that the Progenitor forces use in the standard single player campaign. There aren't many, but they are extremely formidable. However, the Hiigaran and Vaygr players are beefed so they can cope. The Genesis mod uses models originally built for the Nomad God mod (see below): the Vaygr get a titanic Crusade Carrier while the Progenitor player starts off with the mindbogglingly vast Progenitor Foundry. At the moment this amazing thing just sits there in the game and looks cool, but doesn't really do anything. Both these ships are based on old concept work during Homeworld 2's development. You can see the original concept art for the Vaygr's mighty flagship and the Progenitor Mothership at the Homeworld Shipyards. This, and the Nomad God mod, are very much at an early stage and there's some cooperation and sharing of files. Current version: 1.0.2. Mod is effectively abandoned...Back
Homeworld 2:
Not sure about this one. I think it might be based on the religious Kadeshi race found in the first Homeworld's single player campaign. No, its dead.Back
Peacekeeper War

This is based on the small mini-series released after the demise of the Farscape TV series. Current version 0.05a. This mod's progress has effectively crawled to a stop. Back

Fleet Engagement
This mod effectively levels the field between players. There's only one side to pick from, regardless of your race options: a hybrid Vaygr-Hiigaran one with plenty of extras. All the ships from both forces have been combined, reshuffled and renamed slightly, with a huge shopping list of cheap customised techs to go with them. Strikecraft, regardless of type, travel at about the same speed (bloody fast), and Frigates now behave like Strikecraft! Torpedo Frigates now come in pairs, like oversized Corvettes, joining in with Strikecraft battles (travelling only a mite slower) and can finally being able to dock for repairs and reinforcing. Battles are fast and furious, and made distinctive by the use of Lance Fighter red lasers for point defences. Everything seems to have been loosened up: even the Flagship can swing around in a timely fashion and seriously blast a swarm. A number of other mini-mods have spiced up the mix: the Dynamic Series, some custom ships from the Modernization Mod, a number of Homeworld 1 shipping ideas (like the Support Frigate and Missile Destroyer) and all the options found in the Homeworld Classic game type. This mod disappeared, along with its host, the Vesta Fleet Yards. Last known version: 0.7.Back
Homeworld: NewTech A generic mod that adds new ships and effects to the game, and a debris option for all ships Frigate sized an up. Some of the new models include a Defender Fighter and a Battleship based from the Hiigaran Carrier. Current version 0.7. Site missing! Back
Joey's Homeworld 2

This was a rather generically named personal page containing a clutch of assorted but self-explanatory Mini Mods - but now its just become a personal page.


No Hyperspacing culls all the Hyperspace technologies from the game.

No Research culls all but the upgrade techs from the game - you only need to build the right Modules to get everything you need;

No Shipyard - and thus no Battlecruisers;

and the Cataclysm Mod 2.0, which reorganises the Homeworld 2 tech tree to match that of the much larger Homeworld: Cataclysm tech tree. Its worthy of a browse, but installing all these micro mods will almost certainly make your Homeworld 2 install messy.Back

Mobile Suit Industries
See Slipstream Industries.Back
The Requiem War

A Homeworld 2 to Homeworld total conversion! This major effort will return the original Homeworld models (with uprezzed modeling and texturing) into the sequel's spiffier game engine. Its early days yet, but this will include the original single player campaign. If you want to track the progress of the mod, jump straight to its forums where you can see pages of amazing screengrabs of the old Homeworld shipping sporting their new duds in the Homeworld 2 engine. This mod has been making substantial progress over a long period of time, and promises to deliver a solid product sometime. You can follow it at its current RelicNews forum thread. See also: modDATABASE entry.

Even better, its released a teaser beta: the Kadeshi Mini-Mod (v 0.1.b), trialling the Kadeshi race from the original Homeworld's excellent single player campaign!

What a shame - it's defunct.Back

Secrets of Karos A mod still in its earliest planning stages and set in the Karos Graveyard, the floating junkyard from the original Homeworld. Essentially three forces will converge here: the Scavengers, the recently reawakened Trojans (a self aware virus infecting and reanimating derelict ships) and a Hiigaran Science Team. You can also track it at its RelicNews Forum thread, but it looks like this mod is defunct. It didn't produce anything, and the personal webpage dedicated to the project reverted to a personal photo gallery instead.Back
Siege Station Mod
Formerly the SNL Station mod, this mod replaces the Vaygr forces the with the Station race. This is a imaginary navy based on the single player campaign's giant space bases, with lots of new extras, including some new hull sizes and a swag of other goodies. Its a builder's dream! Lots of techs, lots of different craft with different functionality, and the general idea is to expand gameplay and add lots of new concepts to the ship designs in the game. The Siege Station Mod certainly delivers here! There are static "fortifications", about half a dozen different type of turret, more capital ships (including a new Cruiser class) than you can poke a stick at, a huge swag of all kinds of subsystems, some new models, plenty of menu changes and even anti-missile weapons. Best of all, it comes with its own icon so it won't interefere with other installed custom .big file mods.

Also: modDATABASE entry. Last version: 0.4.2 beta. No news or changes since early 2004 - and its website is gone.Back

Slipstream Industries Mobile Suit Industries weblinkFormerly known as Mobile Suit Industries, Slipstream Industries was a modding site dedicated to producing a series of Gundam total conversions for Homeworld 2. Gundam is a huge anime TV series set in the near future where where heroic human pilots steer powerful warrior robots that can transform into sleek spaceborne fighter planes. There's a decade's worth of television serials here, each with up to fifty episodes! At the moment, this was basically a largely non-functional website that never produced anything. Site lost! To quote the old MSI themselves:

Mobile Suit Industries is a team of modders dedicated to bringing you a number of Gundam total conversions for Homeworld 2. Our current mod in progress is Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. Other mods in planning include: Mobile Suit Gundam (0079), Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. We are also considering a Space Cruiser Yamato mod for the future.Back

Space: Above and
Not to be confused with the original Homeworld total conversion, this Homeworld 2 version never went anywhere. It didn't produce any downloads, and the original website vanished in a puff of smoke along with most of its host, The Gaming Union (TGU). Also: old moddatabase entry.Back
Space Combat Evolved
(The Halo 2 Mod)
A total conversion based on the big X-Box first person shooter, Halo 2. Not sure if there'd be enough material to make up a fleet here. You can track this mod either on its RelicNews forum, or on its own custom forums. Mod seems to have changed name, switched from the Homeworld 2 game engine to that of Star Wars: Empire at War - and then died.Back
Starshot Chronicles This is a total conversion featuring three unique custom navies slugging it out: the Imperial Star Navy, the Centuarian Combine and the Galactic Republic of Terran Systems. This mod popped out of nowhere, hurtling along with an amazing amount of enthusiasm and considerable signs of life. Then it was cancelled. Last version: v0.1 Alpha. You can track it at its RDN Forums thread, its own Starshot Chronicles forum, or its modDATABASE entry.Back
Taiidan Republic Mod The villains of the first Homeworld, the Taiidani Republic, and their shady allies, the Turanic Raiders are resurrected for Homeworld 2. According to this mod, the Taiidani split into two factions after the first game, had a war, got half eaten by Cataclysm's Beast fleet, and then all but vanished in the current Homeworld 2 storyline. This is an ambitious single player campaign that see our anti-heroes determined to fight their way back to Hiigara, pitted against their own splinter faction, the Hiigarans and even the Vaygr. This mod is will also offer Skirmish AI mode. Its currently early in development but with some impressive screengrabs marking its development. Also: RelicNews forum thread and modDATABASE entry. Mod has died. Authors moved on to other mods.Back
Vesta Fleet Yards weblink Vesta Fleet Yards: A library of Homeworld 2 custom mods, such as the Fleet Engagement Mod. The interface felt a bit cramped and a little awkward to negotiate, and there was a growing collection of game types, mods and the odd work in progress campaign to keep track of. Its host, Star-Fleet.org, decided to permanently close the site and redirect its energies elsewhere.Back

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